Investor Relations

The material contained in this site is solely for use by holders of the equity in CWT Travel Holdings, Inc. (the Equity), Class A or B stock warrants of CWT Travel Holdings, Inc. (the Warrants) or notes issued by CWT Travel Group, Inc. (the Notes) , bona fide prospective investors in the Notes (which are limited to “qualified institutional buyers” within the meaning of Rule 144A of the Securities Act 1933 or non-U.S. persons as defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act) and, on request by a holder of Equity or Warrants, bona fide prospective Equity or Warrant transferees provided such transferees are Accredited Investors and have signed a confidentiality agreement.  Securities analysts providing analysis of an investment in the Notes and market making financial institutions that are satisfactory to CWT may also request access to the site. We reserve the right to monitor and restrict access to this site.  Parties designated as named competitors shall not be granted access to this site regardless of their status as a holder of the Equity, Warrants, or Notes.

I meet the criteria outlined for access to the site and certify that I will (i) treat the information contained therein as confidential and (ii) not use such reports (and the information contained therein) and information for any purpose other than investment or potential investment in the Equity, Warrants or Notes and (iii) not publicly disclose any such reports (and the information contained therein) and information.